Why SureJob.Ca

Going beyond traditional or even custom advertising, Surejob attracts and retains qualified temporary employees through variety of proprietary programs that set us apart from our peers.

Reactivation Program: Surejob maintains regular contact with our inactive temporary employees logged in a database by skill. These successful, former workers are often willing to work with us when called and satisfy many of our customers’ needs.

Referral Program: Surejob’s longevity, reputation, and contacts with large numbers of inactive and active temporaries is the basis for our highly successful referral program. Today, nearly one-third of our workforce comes to us through temporaries who appreciate doing business with us, and that number is growing everyday.

Community Outreach Program: Surejob actively participates in job fairs, career days, and other community outreach programs at schools, universities, and local organizations. Our Outreach database allows us to communicate with thousands of neighborhood resources, and Community Outreach is one of our fastest growing sources of quality temporary help.

Bold: Our recruiting programs and processes enable us to satisfy any customer requirement no matter how large or unusual. Our Response: Surejob views quality temporary employees as valued customers and has developed several innovative programs to retain their services. Today, as a result of these programs, 54 percent of our temporaries work with us for longer, and Surejob maintains a highly skilled and experienced workforce ready to work for you on demand.

Surejob Programs Include:

Personalized Service: Beginning with a comprehensive screening interview, Surejob temporary employees work exclusively with a Placement Coordinator, who ensures that each assignment suits their skills, needs, and interests. Because our temporary employees are placed in jobs they are skilled and eager to do, you can be sure that every employee we provide is the ideal match for you.

Friday Pay Day: Surejob provides a Friday paycheck to every temporary employee for the week most recently worked, and was the first firm in our industry to employ this popular program.

Competitive Pay Rates: Surejob offers competitive rates of pay based on the skills and experience of each temporary employee. We regularly review each temporary employee’s rate and provide periodic raises based on performance, longevity, and upgraded skills.

Employee Recognition: Surejob recognizes the achievements of our temporary employees through our “Employee of the Month” program. Awarded in each Surejob branch location, the “Employee of the Month” receives a certificate of commendation and a special gift in appreciation for an outstanding performance.

Bold: Our employee retention programs enable us to maintain the most highly skilled workforce in our industry. Count on us to provide qualified temporary employees, ready and able to fulfill your requirements for every conceivable assignment.

Customized Placements: Surejob placement services are customized to meet your unique specifications, requirements and departmental environments. After performing a thorough needs assessment, we construct a profile of the temporary employee best able to satisfy those needs, and send only the most qualified candidates for your review.

Recruiting: Surejob proprietary recruiting techniques and generous employment terms make us the first choice of quality workers in the temporary help labor market and is a major reason for our success.


Our Response: Surejob recognizes the importance of providing the best temporary/permanent for every task, and has developed an innovative selection and testing process to screen applicants who respond to our recruiting efforts.

These processes are fundamental to the success we’ve achieved since our inception in 1995, and are fueled by the following elements:

Initial Screening: All applicants are screened on the phone. Those who meet our skill and work experience standards are invited to a branch office to continue the application process.

Customized Testing: Surejob tests applicants by simulating the environments in which they’re likely to work. Applicants with typing, word processing, data entry, or computer skills, for instance, are tested on our Custom Skills Evaluator System to measure their performance level and expertise. We also employ customized tests for clients with highly specialized needs, and will share test results with our customers to ensure that every temporary we recommend has acceptable skills.

The Selection Process: Surejob Placement Coordinators review all test scores with applicants, acquire a detailed work history, and evaluate their attitude and total qualifications. Placement Coordinators check a minimum of two references for each qualified applicant, and select only those with outstanding recommendations to work with Surejob. Placement Coordinators file each new temporary in our database by skill and can often recommend temporary employees who meet your requirements in as little as 15 minutes. Surejob recommends only the most qualified temporarie and can arrange customer interviews for all candidates.

Surejob stands behind its Unconditional Total Satisfaction Guarantee for every temporary we place.